Welcome to Labotek A/S

Labotek is one of Europe´s leading suppliers of plastic industry
ancillary equipment. 

Labotek provides an extensive program of standard and
centralized systems, all developed on the basis of the newest
technologies and designed to reduce energy consumption to the
absolute minimum. 

Labotek supply equipment designed for drying, transport, dosage
and storage of free flowing plastic 
granules and the transport of
free flowing powdered materials. 

Labotek is considered as leading supplier for d
eveloping energy 
efficient solutions for our equipment, obtained through use of 
frequency controlled motors, moisture dependant regeneration 
systems and Labotek Energy Saving System - LESS.


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-  A drying system that ONLY uses the energy that is
   required for the actual consumption
-  Full tracking record of processed drying data for
   material- and quality management
-  Emptying a drying hopper after production
-  Preventing over and under drying of raw materials

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